Sameer Suhail

Sameer Suhail is the founder and CEO of Foresight Hospital and Health Systems, a one-of-a-kind healthcare facility in Roanoke County, Virginia that provides high-quality healthcare services. Dr. Suhail uses his expertise as a Medical Doctor specializing in Psychiatry to provide expert mental health services to the facility’s patrons.

He is also the CEO of Metropolitan Behavioral Associates and the Clinical Director of the American International Clinical Group Ltd. Dr. Suhail is in charge of award-winning medical residency and clerkship programs that provide a variety of learning opportunities to foreign and locally trained medical graduates and students.

His most important roles, however, are those of a healthcare entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor, with extensive experience working with specialty healthcare providers across the country.

Dr. Suhail is the CEO of Metropolitan Behavioral Associates (MBA) Psychiatric Physician Group Chicago, a group of highly trained, qualified, and knowledgeable psychiatry physicians with more than 30 years of experience.

He is also the Clinical Director of American International Clinical Group Ltd. Dr. Suhail’s mission is to provide all of the tools and resources necessary for AICG students and graduate physicians to become ethical, selfless, committed, translational, and transformative.

Dr. Suhail previously served as the CEO of Closer Look Imaging, LLC and as a Managing Member of the Jackson Park Preferred Open MRI Center LLC (a provider of Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanning-diagnostic services).

Furthermore, Sameer Suhail‘s entrepreneurial ventures benefit The Loretto Hospital in Chicago, increasing revenue cycle by 35% and providing quality psychiatric treatments in a predominantly low-income majority black neighborhood.

Dr. Sameer Suhail has excelled in his various teaching roles over the years, in addition to administrative duties. He has, for example, taught Human Anatomy and Physiology at the College of DuPage (DuPage County) and Moraine Valley Community College (Palos Hills).

Foresight Hospital and Health Systems

Sameer Suhail‘s primary goal is to provide high-quality healthcare to those in need, particularly in Southwest and Southside Virginia. Dr. Suhail is the CEO of Foresight Health, a company that is completely dedicated to investing in opportunities that will bring high-quality healthcare services to Patrick County and the surrounding areas.

To achieve this goal, Dr. Suhail will soon open doors to Foresight Hospital, operating out of the old Patrick County hospital property in Stuart, Virginia. The facility, which is expected to open in January 2023, will serve over 30,000 people from Stuart and surrounding counties.

Dr. Suhail feels very strongly about the lack of health care facilities in rural communities and is working hard to bring excellent care options to all people. As CEO of Foresight Health, he is dedicated to identifying local physical and mental health needs, as well as improving access to anything from in-patient care to outpatient psychiatric expertise and everything in between.

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